Flow In A Cloud!

Fl-Draw is a light-weight Flowcharting App. Fluffy as a cloud. Create and Share eye-popping diagrams with ease. We really mean it. Fl-Draw is packed with features and as a matter of fact: We are just getting started!


Shapes Galore

Fl-Draw offers wide range of shapes for creating slick looking flowcharts. From basic shapes to eye catching gradient Shapes: we have it. Fl-Draw consist shapes for basic flow charts, data flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, activity diagrams and engineering diagrams. To spice it up Fl-Draw offers out-of-the-box vector icons. Use it and love it!

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Design Your Shapes

No kidding. Fl-Draw allows you to create your own shapes. Creativity at your fingertips..., well actually at your mouse-clicks. Go crazy with your imagination. We know you can!

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JSON Export

Yeah, you heard it right. Ever imagined to export your entire diagram as a JSON? Well Fl-Draw does it. The simplest to most complex diagrams can be exported in JSON with just one click, we promise! Though what you do with the JSON is up-to-you, but from where we stand: We see JSON cloud filling up the sky!

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Share With Ease

Fl-Draw allows you to share diagrams with ease. Your choices are JSON, PNG, PDF or something as simple as emailing! Fl-Draw's export feature allows you to easily share diagrams with the group. All from the cloud.

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